end of a century

the thrilling trilogy (or whatever comes after a trilogy)

the banana tetralogy: banana strikes again. what do you think he did with it after it fell out of his mouth? did he pick it up? eat it? put it in a bin? wrap it up for later? LITTER? just leave it there on the ground for the super fans to scavenge later? has someone got that banana framed on their wall? did they eat it? oh my god, the questions never end. eagerly awaiting the next book.

the sound of music has just started and i am brimming with joy.


Judy Garland and Fred Astaire resting between takes of the Couple of Swells number in Easter Parade (Charles Walters, 1948)

Primal Scream live at Room at the Top, London in 1985.

The Clash at Tootsie’s, 1984
scenario: mick jones uses google earth to zoom all the way into ur house. he sees that you had bananas and peanut butter on ur counter 3 years ago. he assumes you still do. Mcjonesflies a private jet from London to ur house to steal the spghetti. if he arrives at 3 am, approximately how fast was mcjones traveling?


asked by joe-strummer
Scenario: a man in a grape costume walks up to your doorstep. "Excuse me sir, but [he points to your right elbow] is this seat taken?"

asked by joe-strummer

Graham Coxon by Paul Postle